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"Doctors wanted me to have surgery, or take drugs for my pain. Tao has been able to relieve my sciatica, and make consistent progress. My pain has disappeared in a short amount of time. I feel great."

- David Webber

"I had knee and ankle problems due to a torn ACL and severe Plantar Fasciitis. Over the last three years I have been to Physiotherapy, chiropractors, massage therapists, rolfing and a podiatrist and followed an excellent exercise program. They all helped to a certain degree but I was still having pain in my knees and my ankle continued swelling.
After my first treatment with Tao, I went on a long hike to Cheam Peak and I experienced no pain or swelling.
The results from my acupuncture treatments have been superb and I would recommend them to anyone with chronic or long term muscular or skeletal injuries."

- Kenneth Kershaw

"I suffered for 3 years with excruciating dry eyes and "insomnia." I had no trouble falling or staying asleep, but I couldn't fall into a deep sleep.

For anyone who is suffering from insomnia, if doctors have little to offer you, consider acupuncture. It literally made the difference to make my life worth living again."

- Kate Perry

"I came to Tao with chronic fatigue syndrome, sensitivity to cold, and painful, light-sensitive eyes. I had had these conditions for six years. I'd been through conventional medicine and physical therapy.

There was relief as soon as treatment was started. Energy has remained good. I am "Living A Life" with interest, which was not the case when I began treatment. My sensitivity to cold is remarkably improved. Pain is decreased by 75%. The condition of my eyes has also improved (to the point) that I am now able to watch television and have the curtains open, as well as go out without dark glasses.

I am more than pleased with my response to acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I'm so grateful to have my life again."

- Alice Zirkel

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